A beautiful establishment of 5S Hair Factory that you want to know


    5S Hair Factory, founded in 1989 in Vietnam, has become the best Vietnamese hair factory with a big global market network, in many countries from Africa, Asia to Europe and even America. It is carrying itself a purely beautiful mission to help women who are looking for a remedy or new experience for their hair with qualified products.

    The very first and fundamental factors creating 5S Hair Factory

    5S Hair Factory was shaped as the result of many great factors from subjective to objective elements. Whatever it is, 5S Hair is always do the best things for their customers’ hair beauty

    The core reason for 5S Hair Factory’s establishment.

    There are many elements creating a wonderful 5S Hair company.

    • The founder of 5S Hair is Mr. Adam Smith, whose family has a long-term tradition in conducting artistic jobs on human hair. On the fear of the possible fact that this beautiful family career can be lost gradually through years, he made the right decision to inherit and develop it into a world-famous Vietnamese Hair Factory. 
    • The second, also the most crucial motive for 5S Hair Factory’s birth, is the passion and dedication to hair beauty from the founder- Mr. Adam Smith- to enthusiastic employees who have been working so hard every single day to make all women out there have a suitable and attractive hair style.

     What is 5S stand for?

    The name brand ” 5S Hair Factory “ has a mysterious and awesome meaning which embraces their great vision and mission.

    • The “S” describes the image of Vietnam on the official world map. It has the shape of a beautiful letter “S”. Also, the “S” is believed to be the illustration of a woman’s sexy and ideal body standard. Together, the “S” shows the pride of being a Vietnamese Hair Factory and a willingness to pursue perfect beauty.
    • The number “5” stands for 5 continents in our friendly world: Asia, Europe, Africa, America and Oceania. This meaningfully expresses the company’s vision to become one of the best world-wide hair factories.

      Very humane mission from 5S Hair Factory towards a beautiful world.

    5S Hair Factory is carrying a wonderful possible mission to support the beauty of billions of women in this world.

    5S Hair Factory makes every woman on this wonderful planet shine bright like a diamond.

    Women deserve the most beautiful things in the world and 5S hair Factory will make it happen.

    • Hair is a very important part of the whole body. A suitable style of hair can create a big difference. In other words, a well-matched hair could make a woman become more and more attractive.
    • 5S Hair Factory develops itself daily with new and trendy hair creations. The  factory has come up with lots of types of hair such as weft hair, bulk, clip-in hair… This will give customers many ideal choices to upgrade their beauty standard.

         5S Hair Factory promoting Vietnamese natural hair as an international beauty icon.

    5S Hair Factory is a Vietnamese brand which proudly introduces qualified and excellent products made in Vietnam to friends around the world.

    • Vietnamese natural hair has special characteristics on the hair strength and the original black color which makes it easier to adapt on anybody’s hair without causing any troubles.
    • The Vietnamese products from 5S Hair Factory have a cheap and reasonable price but good quality. They sell real hair extension, remy hair extension, This helps women with financial difficulty still have a chance to experience the beauty effects they deserve. What meaningful things.

      What is the “ PRESENT” 5S Hair factory?

    Experiencing more than 30 years of growing up, 5S Hair Factory has made quite an amount of radical change.

     Present factory size and wholesale number of 5S Hair Factory

    The Hair factory has unstoppably expanded its production scale  and global effects.

    • This Vietnamese Hair Factory has earned a great number of wholesale sellers so far in Africa, Europe, Asia, America…..
    • With a greater size of factory and hundreds of employees, 5S Hair can meet up with any big order from you internationally. 
    • Together with its impressive productivity, There is always a very supportive and energetic sales team who are at any time ready to clarify any of your demands or questions. For your information, the monthly wholesale from 5S hair factory is 2000kg exported in many countries.

    The positive and contributive feedbacks, reviews from international customers of 5S Hair Factory

    After receiving and conducting loads of big orders from overseas guests. 5S Hair Factory has honourably got back thousands of feedback saying that they were pleased about 5S hair’s products quality and customer services. Their hard-work towards hair beauty is paying off.

    A super big thank to the world

    Let 5S Hair Factory express a deep-rooted thank you, firstly to kind and friendly customers who constantly support 5S Hair and secondly to energetic and hard-working staff who keep doing their best to devote themselves to the success of 5S Hair Factory. Together we shine and “ do beautiful “our our world.


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