Exploring Vietnam textile manufacturers before entering into business


    For numerous years, well-known global brands such as Zara, Adidas, Nike, Calvin Klein, and others have been attracted to Vietnam textile manufacturers. This article will give you comprehensive insights into the Vietnam textile industry, including valuable information on sourcing low-cost, high-quality suppliers.

    1. Exploring the competitive edge of Vietnam textile manufacturers in the global textile industry

    Vietnam textile manufacturers hold a prominent position in the global market, boasting several distinct advantages. With a rich heritage in textile production, Vietnam enjoys access to abundant, cost-effective raw materials, a skilled workforce, and cutting-edge technology. Moreover, the Vietnamese government extends generous tax incentives and favorable policies to support the export endeavors of these textile manufacturers.

    • Vietnam’s advantage is further amplified by its proximity to China, the world’s largest fabric supplier. This geographic advantage allows Vietnam textile manufacturers to procure affordable, top-quality raw materials. The nation is also home to renowned traditional craft villages and a bountiful reservoir of fabric resources. Given the proximity and robust trade ties between China and Vietnam, the raw materials sourced by Vietnamese textile manufacturers benefit from cost-efficiency. The criteria described above assist Vietnam’s textile manufacturers in carefully selecting and monitoring their inputs, resulting in consistently high-quality end products.
    • Today, Vietnam’s textile manufacturers play a pivotal role in the nation’s employment landscape, providing jobs to more than 2.5 million individuals, accounting for over 25% of the total textile industry workforce. These textile workers in Vietnam are celebrated for their strong work ethic and meticulous attention to detail. Their exceptional skill level sets employees in Vietnam textile manufacturers apart. With a long-standing tradition of apparel manufacturing, the older generations possess a wealth of experience that they pass down to the younger ones. Additionally, establishing substantial craft villages early on has facilitated the development of highly skilled and adept textile artisans. Workers in Vietnamese textile companies are always well-versed in producing high-quality goods. Customers no longer need to visit a Vietnamese garment factory to inspect the goods in person; instead, they can do so online, thanks to production growth and digitalization. Vietnam textile manufacturers are carving out their position in the textile and clothing sector by supplying high-quality products at competitive prices.
    • Vietnam textile manufacturers strongly emphasize stringent quality control and manufacturing protocols to deliver top-tier products to the market. They harness state-of-the-art machinery and tools to enhance production efficiency and elevate product quality. Given Vietnam’s rich textile production heritage, manufacturers remain committed to adopting the latest technologies. This commitment is reinforced by the government’s continuous efforts to prioritize the development and modernization of machinery and equipment used by these manufacturers. Recognizing the pivotal role of the textile industry in the country’s economy, Vietnam’s government consistently focuses on technological advancements in this sector.
    • Vietnam textile manufacturers have gained a well-deserved reputation for delivering high-quality products at competitive prices. One of the key factors contributing to this competitiveness is the cost-effectiveness of raw materials for Vietnam’s textile industry. These materials are not only inexpensive but also readily available. The supply of inputs is reliable, and the manufacturing of raw materials and accessories for Vietnam’s textile sector is optimized for cost-efficiency. As a result, Vietnam textile manufacturers can offer products at affordable prices, given their lower manufacturing costs compared to many other nations.
    • Vietnam is a nation that boasts a range of government policies designed to bolster and facilitate textile manufacturers in their efforts to export their products. One such approach entails exempting duties on imports used by Vietnam’s textile manufacturers. Furthermore, Vietnam’s participation in various trade agreements has streamlined the process for Vietnamese textile products to access international markets. In conjunction with the government, the Ministry of Industry and Trade actively champions trade promotion activities, exhibitions, and initiatives aimed at connecting domestic enterprises with foreign markets. These concerted efforts expand Vietnam’s textile manufacturers’ market reach and opportunities.

    Indeed, thanks to the substantial support provided by the Vietnamese government to Vietnam textile manufacturers in terms of production and export, Vietnamese textile and garment products have successfully secured a significant share of the global market. This demonstrates the effectiveness of government policies in fostering the growth and competitiveness of the textile industry in Vietnam worldwide.

    Exploring the competitive edge of Vietnam textile manufacturers in the global textile industry

    2. Global supply capabilities of Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Vietnam textile manufacturers are expanding their global market presence and exporting an increasing volume of their products to various nations.

    • About 5,000 Vietnam textile manufacturers are spread across the country from north to south. There are 600-person facilities that can generate 12 separate product codes simultaneously. Often, such a small amount of space and effort allows for generating only two or three product codes. Because of these advantages, textile manufacturers in Vietnam are the best choice when placing an order.
    • Vietnam textile manufacturers have a highly specialized product industry, are well-equipped with equipment and technology, and adhere to strict production stages and techniques.
    • With shipments to 66 countries and territories, Vietnam’s garment sector surpasses Bangladesh to take second place behind China in the world export rankings. Vietnam’s top export destinations, accounting for more than 75% of total export revenues, are the United States, China, the European Union, and Japan.

    Vietnam textile manufacturers are reshaping the global textile business by producing high-quality textiles in various patterns and selling them at competitive prices.

    3. Inside the manufacturing processes of Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Each Vietnam textile factory adheres to a predetermined production line. Working with the established process allows them to quickly develop quality items and identify where the fault is so that it can be corrected promptly. Vietnam textile manufacturers have found a method to track how swiftly and on-time products are produced. Among the most significant managerial responsibilities are:

    • Receive orders, then create production plans based on them.
    • Estimate the cost and time required to ensure on-time delivery.
    • Throughout the manufacturing process, reports on the status of each job are generated.
    • Assign a task to each person and department.
    • Before delivering the items to the customer, double-check the quality, design, and quantity.

    While each Vietnam textile manufacturers and firm has its unique garment manufacturing techniques, they are all based on the abovementioned steps. This production approach, regarded as a standard in the textile manufacturing industry, will enable enterprises to generate enormous profits.

    Inside the manufacturing processes of Vietnam textile manufacturers

    4. Recommending trustworthy Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Based on how the Ministry of Industry and Trade and users rank them, the quality of their products, and how much they charge, the following is a list of respectable Vietnam textile manufacturers.

    4.1. Vinaz Garment: A prominent name among leading Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Vinaz Garment is among the well-known Vietnam textile manufacturers with a reputation for creating high-quality textile items. The organization has established itself as an industry leader by providing excellent services to clients worldwide.

    Vinaz Garment’s devotion to quality is one of its assets. The company employs a team of seasoned specialists dedicated to providing clients with the finest quality textile products. Vinaz Garment assures that every part of the production process is done with the highest care and precision, from material sourcing to final product delivery.

    Vinaz Garment is committed to sustainability in addition to quality and selection. The company collaborates with suppliers who use environmentally friendly materials and production processes, guaranteeing that all items are created responsibly and sustainably.

    4.2. Vietsunshine: A top choice among reputable Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Vietsunshine, founded in 2008, has grown to become one of Vietnam’s premier textile manufacturers. They specialize in manufacturing high-quality knitted textiles such as single jersey, rib, interlock, fleece, etc. Their annual production capacity exceeds 6 million kg, and they have exported their products to over 30 nations worldwide.

    4.3. TNG Investment and Trading JSC: A highly regarded Vietnam textile manufacturers in the textile manufacturing scene

    TNG Investment and Trading JSC, founded in 1979, is one of Vietnam’s oldest textile manufacturers. They manufacture a variety of fabrics, including cotton, polyester, rayon, and linen. They are well-known for their environmentally friendly production techniques and have won various honors for their environmental endeavors.

    4.4. Nha Be Garment Corporation: Top the biggest well-known Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Nha Be Garment Corporation was created in 1980 and specialized in creating high-end textiles like silk, wool, and cashmere. They have a cutting-edge production plant that employs advanced technology to produce fabrics of remarkable quality. They have obtained various certifications from international organizations for their commitment to ethical production standards.

    4.5. Dong Xuan Knitting JSC: One of the most recognized Vietnam textile manufacturers

    Dong Xuan Knitting JSC, founded in 1985, is a leading maker of knitted textiles such as jersey, rib, terry, and others. They have a diverse clientele, including some of the world’s most prominent fashion labels. They are well-known for their short turnaround times and outstanding customer service.



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