K Hair Review: The Great Customer Service From A Top Hair Vendor


    Hair extensions are the beauty products that become favored by various people worldwide. The biggest market of hair business is Africa, Asia and Europe. K Hair is recognized as a dominant hair company from Vietnam that has certain potential to compete with any other distributors in the region. After a double of decades, the company has developed and expanded to other continents like Africa and Europe. At the present time, the company exports approximately one and a half tons of hair extensions to every corner around the world per month on average. K Hair also has agencies in Nigeria and the UK. One of the fundamental criterias that make K Hair become the flagship in the hair business is their pleasing customer service. This K Hair Review writing will reveal the finest service and policies offered by this vendor.


    First to be mentioned is the 24/7 supportive staff to answer any queries from the interested people. On the website of the company, there are hotlines of multiple staff available to get connected with at any time. The newbie can ask for information about the source of hair, the hair types, the prices and even the logistic support. The consumers can make video calls with the salesmen from K Hair to check the product’s quality. If you are new to the hair market, the staff can help you choose the hair types that are relevant to your using purpose as well as the hair styles like bone straight or pixie curls together with colors… to fit your face shape and skin color. In addition, after choosing the suitable product and receiving it, if you find something goes wrong, you can definitely contact the staff to get a solution. K Hair has a lot of partners and importers around the world, in certain circumstances, the help can be provided as soon as possible.   

    k-hair-12Secondly, because the K Hair Review as a wholesale hair extensions vendor that the consumers can purchase the products directly with reasonable cost. In other words, as there is no mediator, the price of K Hair extensions are affordable while the quality is still committed. The products provided by K Hair are made from real hair gathered by groups of condors having the same characteristics on hair. The hair gathered is silky and strong as these native women rarely apply the chemical products on it. As the standard of original hair is pretty higher than that from other companies from other countries, K Hair human hair extensions are slightly more luxurious than Indian or Chinese hair from Chinese hair factory and Indian factory. However, the price goes with the quality, K Hair has the motto of “Quality is King” and the prices offered are reasonable. In general, the hair extensions are sold at different grades of prices according to the length and types of hair. When you directly contact the staff, they will provide further information about each hair type and cost.


    Thirdly, there are convenient payment methods available in K Hair to support the international consumers. The fixed currency unit is the dollar as this is the most common in economic activities. All the credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express), Western Union, Money Gram or Bank Transfer are accepted. Generally, when you confirm your order with the staff, you just have to pay about 50% of the total price for the deposit; therefore, remember to prepare dollars in your bank account. If you are living in other countries, it may cost from $1 to $10 for the transaction fee. This amount of money will be charged directly by your bank. 


    Fourthly, thanks to the location in Hanoi- the capital of Vietnam which is considered as the most developing area in this country, the logistic service is professional and effective. The way to the airports, the train stations or the ports are diversified; thus, there are various options for you to choose for your delivery. Furthermore, the factory has dozens of employees and modern machinery making the packaging process swift. 


    Lastly, the privacy policy of K Hair is absolutely trustworthy. K Hair collects the personal information of target people and consumers through lawful ways. The contact and basic information about location, gender and phone number are gathered from the registration form that you filled on the websites. Other sources are the information available on your accessing device and direct provision when you talk with the salesman. The information is collected for right purposes such as personalizing the individual, asking for feedback to improve the company’s service or confirming the address for shipping when the products are ordered. K Hair commits to protect your personal details and will not sell, exchange, transfer or give it to any third party. In certain circumstances, the K Hair will disclose your information as long as it is lawful or when you permit the company to do it.


    Besides, if you are into being a stakeholder of K Hair, there are attractive advantages offered. To be honest, their sources of stakeholders include investors, employees, and customers, especially ones from Nigeria. Those people can be hair salon owners, small vendors or regular customers. There have been around 10000 stakeholders of K Hair located in other countries and about 50% of whom are in Nigeria. It is beneficial to be the stakeholder of K Hair as when you order more than 5kg of hair, you can possibly receive a discount of 5%. There are also surprising gifts and the certification of being a cooperator with K Hair. Moreover, the communicational support is supportive and pleasing.     


    The hair market is becoming more competitive and starting a business in this field will be easier to get successful when you can choose a reliable partner. K Hair Review has provided the fullest details about the service and policies offered by K Hair. If you want to get supportive cooperation, a reasonable price of importation and a friendly environment to develop more, give K Hair a try. 


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