U tip hair extension: The wise new choice of hair extensions users


    U tip hair extension is a new product designed by the hair extensions markets to enhance the convenience of hair extensions when used on customers’ hair while stimulating the curiosity of new customers to the hair extensions market.

    The definition of U tip hair extension

    U tip hair extension product is manufactured based on the previous real human hair extension products but is upgraded and improved in terms of practical applicability. With many names, right from the beginning, many customers know about U tip hair extension products, but the name is still too strange. It is often called by names like: Keratin bond hair or Fusion hair.

    Those are the names that have been popular in the hair extension market for a long time.
    With the design of keratin glue fixed in the U-shape at the hairline, the U tip hair extension product will help the workers handle better when using hair extensions for customers. For beauty enthusiasts, the U tip hair extension product is like nail products, with a special U-shaped design that makes it easy to attach to the customer’s hairline.

    Benefits and drawbacks of U tip hair extension

    Every product has outstanding advantages, but there are also indispensable points that need to be overcome, so let’s find out through the article below.

    U tip hair extension: Advantages

    The advantages will be the first thing that many customers notice, so here is some information about this product.

    • Produced for a long time, but U tip hair extension is officially popularized in the hair extension market in recent years. The sudden popularity of the U tip hair extension product probably comes from the fact that it is extremely convenient to use and is also extremely unique in terms of design. The old designs of fixed hair extensions do not seem to be attractive to consumers, so with this U-shaped hair extension, it has brought the trend of fixed hair extension products.
    • Not only is it easy to use for both hairdressers and customers, but the U tip hair extension product also creates an extremely natural beauty for users. Most consumers think that using hair extensions will look unnatural but with the U tip hair extension product each part of the hair is hugged with a special glue so it is almost perfect. The product will attach firmly to the user’s hairline without revealing the used glue.
    • Especially for customers who love novelty, the U tip hair extension product can be customized by a variety of designs and colors. In order to spread the U tip hair extension product to the world market, the hair extension markets have promoted the creation of these products from straight or curly hair products and dyed or bleached hair. All the wishes of the customers are applied to these U tip hair extension products by these hair extension markets.

    U tip hair extension: Disadvantages

    The things to keep in mind when customers choose any product are what its disadvantages when using will be.

    • If you have decided to use the U tip hair extension product then you must make sure that you have enough time to wait. Why mention time when using the U tip hair extension product? This product is fixed to the hairline which is the U-shaped glue, so when you want to use it on your hair, you need to use a specialized device to melt the glue. This takes a lot of time and cannot be stopped halfway, so customers need to pay special attention.
    • Perhaps this is the point that many customers are most concerned about is that the U tip hair extension product can cause damage to the hair. When fixing the hair extension to the real hair, it is necessary to use high heat to melt the glue and that accidentally causes the user’s hairline to be damaged. But this is inevitable because without heat, the hair extension will not be able to fix on real hair. Therefore, users need to pay attention to hair care so that hair can recover from damage after using the U tip hair extension.
    • Unlike many hair extensions that you can use at home without any help, the U tip hair extension product requires the help of professionals. Professional hairdressers will first have a specialized machine for the U tip hair extension product. Next, they know what the right temperature is and how to process the product to best fit the customer’s real hair.

    5S hair factory: The leading vendor provides U tip hair extension

    With the continuous development in the field of hair extensions, the position of the 5S hair factory has been strengthened a lot. The U tip hair extension products from 5S hair factory are also guaranteed in terms of quality as well as the price of the product, which is suitable for most objects in the hair extension market. The U tip hair extension products are manufactured from high quality raw materials of Vietnamese people collected in 5S hair factory from many places on this beautiful strip of land, so the quality is always guaranteed.


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