Virgin ponytail hair UK, a super trendy hair style applied by many international celebrities and fashionistas or famous models. Virgin ponytail hair extensions from 5S Hair Factory will  build for you a strong and confident appearance that can impress the opposite person positively. Without any doubt, this product is certainly for you, smart ladies.

    Core information of Virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    Virgin ponytail hair extension applied by many celebrities

    Without discussing that much, virgin ponytail extensions  UK definitely the ideal hair product you are looking for if you are a beauty pursuer.

    Do you know what “virgin ponytail hair extension UK” means?

    The word “ virgin” means “original”.  In other ways, this kind of hair is fully collected from only one woman. Yes, you are right! 100% natural hair  from one particular person. This is called real hair extensions. Thanks to this special thing, the virgin ponytail hair extension UK possesses the best consistency in length and strength of the hair.

    Where is the “motherland” of  virgin ponytail hair extension UK?

    A graceful Vietnamese ethnic woman with her strong hair

    The homeland of this amazing ponytail hair extension is obviously 100% from Vietnam but in a very special story.

    • The hair is chosen carefully from lovely women in mountainous ethnic areas in Vietnam where women are famous for their charming grace and beautiful hair.
    • Then, the hair will be experienced an intensive sourcing process which sources and grades the level of hair depending on their length and the uniformity of the hair. So you certainly have no worries about receiving a messy and unsteady hair bundle.

    How long could the virgin ponytail hair extension be reusable?

    Virgin ponytail hair extension have a very long durability

    You can be greatly surprised by this crazily fantastic piece of information on the        durability of this product

    • The expiry of virgin ponytail extension uk can last from 3 to 5 years but still maintain the good and stable form if used and cared for correctly. So you stand no concern about its deadline.
    • Just make a small and simple calculation between up to 5 years of using and paying a very cheap and light amount of money like that. You will realize that you did get a very huge bargain from 5S Hair Factory.

      A very flexible usage of virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    The virgin ponytail hair extension can be dyed and made curly easily

    Depending on your creativity, you can keep its original straight form, you still definitely look great and awesome. However, you can easily  make it become super or slightly curly if you want. For your more information, you also can dye or bleach it without any fear of damaging the hair fabrics. Everything is possible with this fabulous virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    Details on length and price of Virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    5S Hair factory gives you very detailed and accurate information about this hair extension.

     The length of virgin ponytail hair extension UK

    This hair product varies widely in length, you can choose any size if it meets your expectation, but the ideal length we highly recommend is 75cm( 30 inch). This is the most widely applied size these days.

     The price detail of virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    It clearly stands out that the price of this hair is very cheap and reasonable. Please, have a look at the price list below.

     Recommendation for wholesale order of virgin ponytail hair extension UK.

    If you are running a hair business or hair salon. We recommend you to buy it as the wholesale seller. You can get our complimentary price, discount or even a surprising gift from our factory.

    Let’s make your order as soon as possible and figure out what amazing things are waiting for you.

    OK! . It’s time for you to take your first step. Please kindly contact us at the number via Whatsapp  +84855555754Ms Lily– our young and energetic sales manager of biggest hair factory will clarify any of your queries or questions about the virgin ponytail hair extension products

    Thank you and we are looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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