Delivery terms of K-Agriculture and precautions


    Delivery terms of K-Agriculture always put the customer’s interests first, because we sell value from the heart.

    Delivery terms of K-Agriculture on Shipping of Samples via Air and Sea

    Customers will receive samples for free, but you must pay for delivery. We will take care of high-quality, well-handled merchandise within 3 to 5 days as one of the leading firms that can offer air freight services.

    Order shipping by Air and Sea

    • Small packages: door-to-door shipping & all-in shipping

    Small items ordered from K-Agriculture will be sent door-to-door or all-in, depending on the customer’s preference under our Privacy Policy. Furthermore, reputable providers like DHL, VPS, FedEx, and TNT distribute sample orders. As a result, these businesses will ensure that you receive a timely delivery.

    • Large volume packages: containers, semi-covered or bareboat.

    When ordered from K-Agriculture, large volume products with low value will be shipped by sea in containers, semi-covered or bareboat. There is also a lengthy customs procedure, resulting in a cheaper delivery cost.


    Beneficial impacts

    Air transport accounts for just 1% of the volume of total import and export commodities in international trade, but it accounts for 20% of the value.

    When it comes to carrying the following products, airfreight takes first place:

    • Letters, parcels
    • Courier goods
    • General cargo
    • Goods with high value
    • Goods that are perishable over time
    • Goods that require fast delivery to meet market needs and opportunities

    Benefits of Air shipment

    • Quickest routes, natural routes
    • It is less reliant on the terrain
    • Great mobility and high speed
    • Because of the short transit duration, it is the safest means of transportation with the lowest risk. Because the route travels directly through the air, it is less affected by topography and geography
    • Always employ cutting-edge technologies
    • Documents and processes should be made as simple as possible

    Benefits of Sea shipment

    • Great transport capacity
    • The cost is among the lowest among the modes of transport due to the large tonnage of ships.
    • Suitable for transporting most types of goods in international trade, especially bulk cargo such as washed Arabica coffee, ore, coal, grain, oil.


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