Everything you need to know about real hair extensions


    Using real hair extensions is a beauty trend for women in Africa and Europe without bleaching, coloring, and styling. So, what are the most popular real hair extensions these days? What are real hair extensions made of? What distinguishes each real hair extension? Is the cost of real hair extensions high or low?

    Real hair extensions

    What are real hair extensions?

    Hair extensions are additional parts to real hair to create a different look. Therefore, real hair extensions are additional hair products made entirely from human hair, not synthetic hair.
    Real hair extension is a procedure of grafting real hair onto a person’s natural hair to lengthen it according to the demands of the buyer.

    What types of hair are real hair extensions made from?

    Real hair extensions are produced mainly from two types of hair: virgin hair and remy hair. Below we will learn about both of these hair types

    Virgin hair  Remy hair
    • Virgin hair is 100% pure hair from only donor
    • It’s unprocessed, permed, and coloured hair that’s extremely robust and doesn’t break easily.
    • Because virgin hair has a longer shelf life than other hair kinds, it will be the most expensive.
    • Remy hair is a type of hair that is mixed with the hair of many different women
    • Remy hair is made up of healthy hair. Hair follicles on the scalp are all aligned and grow in a predictable pattern.
    • Remy hair is a type of long hair that can be coloured or gently groomed.
    • Remy hair is cheaper than virgin hair.

    4 types of real hair extensions

    Real hair extensions are very diverse in style and color with 4 main types of hair extensions: Raw hair extension, Tip hair extension, Tape hair extension and Weft hair extension.

    Raw real hair extension

    This is an extension that has not been machined or processed in any way. It is just virgin or remy hair that is tied up in a bundle and delivered to the customer. When they receive the goods, they will process and design them themselves. The customer of raw real hair extensions is usually the European market.

    Raw real hair extension

    Tip real hair extension

    This is the most diverse type of real hair extension compared to the other hair extensions. There are many types of tip real hair extensions like I tip, flat tip, U tip, V tip and nano tip.

    Tip real hair extension
    • Cold fusion methods are for the I tip and flat tip. To style your hair, all you need is a fine comb, a pulling needle, rings, a ring axe, and I or flat tip hair.
    • The U tip and V tip are hot fusion procedures, so heating equipment is required to melt the keratin and connect it to your hair.
    • The nano tip is the most popular real hair extension because the little ring provides better comfort.

    This type of real hair extension can last anywhere between 14 and 16 weeks.

    Tape real hair extension

    Tape real hair extensions are the most time-saving real hair extension and easiest to install.

    Tape real hair extension
    • It only takes 30 to 90 minutes to have completely new hair.
    • To use a tape real hair extension, simply remove the tape from the extension and attach it to the hairline.

    This real hair extension can last from 6 to 8 weeks. You can then replace it by replacing the tape on the extension. However, this also depends on whether the hair is properly cared for or not.

    Weft real hair extension

    This is a type of real hair extension that requires meticulousness and professionalism of the hairdresser. Because you need to curl your real hair neatly, then you will sew the weft hair extension on your real hair directly. Moreover, the process of sewing hair also takes quite a lot of time.

    Weft real hair extension

    Prices of real hair extensions

    The price of each type of real hair extension will depend on two factors: the quality of the hair extension and the type of real hair extension.

    • Quality hair extensions: There are 2 types of hair used for real hair extensions: virgin and remy hair. Virgin hair is the most expensive and quality hair type.
    • Types of real hair extensions: There are 4 types of real hair extensions such as Raw hair extension, Tip hair extension, Tape hair extension and Weft hair extension.

    Below is a general price list for real hair extensions

    Types  Average cost
    Raw $136 – $997
    Tape $200 – $400
    Tip $300 – $900
    Weft $200 – $600

    How to take care of real hair extensions?

    To keep our real hair extensions beautiful, we need to note a few things to take care of real hair extensions

    • Avoid lying on real hair extensions: Lying on real hair extensions will make your hair tangled, so it will become more difficult to take care of your hair. Before going to bed, you should remove the real hair extensions or tuck the hair extension in a towel to secure it.
    • Wash your real hair extensions with conditioner and shampoo: You should refrain from washing your hair for 24 to 48 hours after applying real hair extensions. Shampoos and conditioners containing sulfates and silicones should be avoided since they dissolve adhesion at the joint. Before going to bed, make sure your real hair extension is totally dry.
    • Avoid using hot devices on real hair extensions: After applying real hair extensions, avoid using hot devices such as dryers and hair styling appliances, as they will dry and frizz your real hair extension.

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