The knowledge of coffee export companies and things must know


    any coffee exporting companies serve as both exporters and manufacturers, bringing together coffee traders from around the world.

    Definition of coffee exporting companies

    Coffee exporting companies that sell their coffee to customers in other countries. In other words, they produce them in one country and ship them to another, which is one way for them to quickly expand their profitable market.

    Main products of coffee exporting companies

    Most coffee export companies focus on two main types: green coffee and roasted coffee.

    Green coffee

    Major coffee-growing regions such as Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia supply 95 percent of green coffee beans. The remaining 5% is sourced from other trade nations, most notably Singapore.

    Roasted coffee

    Countries in Europe, such as Sweden and Germany, often supply roasted coffee beans. Germany is a significant coffee exporter, acquiring raw coffee from huge coffee exporting companies in large growing areas like Brazil or Vietnam and processing it in Germany. It delivers a roasted coffee flavor that many people enjoy thanks to top-notch roasting techniques.

    Ways to work with coffee exporting companies

    To approach and work professionally with coffee exporting companies, you need to know the following 6 key steps:

    • Step 1: The seller sends a Letter of Intent (LOI) to coffee exporting companies outlining their requirements, including quantity, quality, and pricing. A typical letter of intent will include general company information such as the firm’s website, address, phone number, and email, as well as order needs such as product kinds, specifications, destination port, packaging requirements, and other special remarks.
    • Step 2: Based on the buyer’s LOI, the coffee exporting companies will respond with an FCO. Following that, the two parties will negotiate to reach an agreement on the final FCO.
    • Step 3: Once some fundamental conditions have been agreed upon, coffee exporting companies will provide samples to customers so that they may evaluate the quality of their products.
    • Step 4: The two parties will sign and execute the contract based on the discussed terms. After signing the contract, the buyer will almost always be required to pay a deposit to the seller.
    • Step 5: Coffee exporting companies will adhere to the contract’s Incoterm conditions and have 2-4 weeks to provide the terms. The seller is required to transmit the Bill of Lading to the buyer once the items have been loaded onto the ship. Depending on the mode of distribution, the delivery time might range from 7 to 40 days.

    Step 6: Once the items have been received, the buyer must inspect them for quality and quantity, and provide feedback to the coffee exporting companies as quickly as feasible. 

    Top prestigious coffee exporting companies

    Here are Top 3 reputable coffee exporting companies that are highly evaluated by many international wholesale buyers.

    Joint Stock Company Intimex Group

    Referring to coffee exporting companies, Intimex is indispensable.  Intimex Import-Export Company, Ho Chi Minh City branch, which was created in 1995, is the forerunner of Intimex Import-Export Joint Stock Company nowadays. This firm was renamed Intimex Group Joint Stock Company (Intimex Group) in 2011. . With a total capacity of 570,000 tons per year, the Intimex Group operates 11 factories that manufacture high-quality coffee for export.

    Contact information:

    Whatsapp: +84 855 555 837

    K-Agriculture Factory

    K-Agriculture is a Vietnamese Ministry of Industry and Trade-led national initiative. K-Agriculture has been one of the prominent coffee exporting companies during the last 25 years. With the received accomplishments and certifications, K-Agriculture is confident in its ability to deliver coffee to all coffee enthusiasts throughout the world.


    Westrock begins by partnering on-location with coffee farmers around the world. They take a unique approach to all 21 countries we work with to educate farmers about sustainable agriculture and better-growing practices through initiatives like the Agribusiness Training Program. By teaching farmers successful growing techniques, they help increase products quality, yield, and their own personal incomes. So when you search for coffee exporting companies, you might consider Westrock.

    Contact information:

    Whatsapp: +84 855555837


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