4 Knock-Off Products That Are Just As Good As The Original!


    Everyone desires thick, lustrous, and healthy hair. But, today’s sophisticated treatments can be beautiful with killing “damage” and wreaking horrific devastation on your hair. That’s why the prevalence of hair care products, even launch knock- off products that are also good quality for people with an affordable price. 

    Missen Perfect Repair Hair

    The first thing to say is the similar package of Missen, compared to the original one. There is something we need to consider about this “knock- off” hair product! 

    People will be able to quickly identify you when purchasing with some main natural ingredients: 

    • Argan Oil: It’s high in vitamin E, which makes hair thicker and healthier. Aids in the moisturization and healing of damaged hair, protects hair from the damaging effects of the environment.
    • Royal jelly: Royal jelly contains biotin, which helps hair grow back faster, healthier, and stimulates new hair growth. 
    • Rose essence: essential oils roll evenly on the hair and have been shown to increase hydration and moisture, particularly if you have to face dryness or damaged condition. Makes hair smoother by immediately penetrating deep into each hair strand.

    The difference is when applied to the hair, the smell is sometimes higher than the actual product, and it is sticky and not smooth. In general, the performance of knock- off products is respectively worthy to try! 

    Hairburst Shampoo 

    Thanks to the premium quality, hair traders tend to replicate this hair care product with a reasonable price. 

    Both knockoff and real products have beautiful, eye-catching, charming, and simple to use designs. The ingredient list is beautiful and benign, with more than 95% natural substances and free of parabens and other hazardous and irritating chemicals, ensuring hair, greasy skin, and health safety and preventing hair loss, and nourishing hair from root to tip to make it stronger and smoother.

    The scent of this knock off shampoo is subtle and pleasant respectively. In terms of efficacy, Hairburst shampoo will make your hair grow longer, thicker, stronger, and shinier after just a few weeks of use. 


    Cocoon is the first Vietnamese cosmetics brand to cause a “fever” in the beauty market, resulting in a range of knockoffs product because of many reasons: 

    • The inexpensive price: Certainly, the “price” of a product is always a crucial consideration for everyone. Cocoon has been able to attract the “favors of the majority of consumers with middle-priced and deserved experience within your budget. 
    • Simple but gorgeous package: Cocoon’s packaging designs are simple but elegant so there is not much difference between original and knock- off in terms of this point.
    • Quality can be felt after a period of persistent use: the general rule of hair care products labeled Cocoon is the ability to supply nutrients or restore damaged hair conditions. Make sure you are persistent to use for a long time to share your experience. 


    Because the Olaplex hair brand is so popular, there are now knock-offs on the market that bring unexpected results.

    Olaplex is also appropriate for all forms of damaged hair, regardless of color or style. Olaplex will help you repair your damaged hair as long as it is damaged.

    Knock off items with complete inside and outside boxes, as well as instructions that are identical to the actual thing.

    Even when using knock-off products, the Olex brand’s exceptional utilization is clearly evident.

    Of course we can’t deny the amazing performance of authentic hair care products. However, if your financial condition is limited and you always desire to choose good quality, 4 above- mentioned hair care products are highly recommended for you guys! Besides, don’t forget to learn the hair products that just don’t live up to their hype to avoid or use smartly.


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