Vietnamese ST24 rice: The Vietnamese delicacy for wholesalers.



    ST24 rice with its unique flavor and distinctive fragrance can help many traders to gain profits from purchasing.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice: An overview

    Vietnamese ST24 rice is a variety of ST rice line created by Ho Quang Cua-a Vietnamese engineer. In 2017, Vietnamese ST24 rice was awarded in the top 3 most delicious types of rice at the World’s Best Rice contest.

    ST stands for “Soc Trang”- the province where this rice originates from, located in the Mekong Delta. Besides Soc Trang, Vietnamese ST24 rice is also cultivated in other provinces such as Dong Thap, Ca Mau, etc.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice, with ST25 rice, is now consumed by not only domestic customers but also many people living in other countries.


    Vietnamese ST24 rice: Characteristics

    As a variety of ST rice line, Vietnamese ST24 rice line has special flavour and appetizing aroma that can persuade any consumers.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice: Features

    Vietnamese ST24 rice is long, slender and translucent. The grains are usually 7.5-7.8 mm in length, 0.8-1 mm in width. After being cooked, ST24 rice is delightfully tender, aromatic and has a special pandan fragrance. Even the cold rice is still tender.

    Nowadays, Vietnamese ST24 rice also meets international quality standards such as VN-STAMEQ, USDA Organic, FDA, FFL, Organic, Global Gap, TCVN, Viet Gap,etc.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice: Parameters

    ST24 5% broken rice has its own features, which are measured by experts. It is mainly about the grain’s shape, humidity, color, taste, etc. In Vietnam, there are some differences in measuring and understanding those numbers; therefore, it is necessary to make it clear.

    Crop Current
    Broken 5.0% Max
    Moisture 14.5% Max
    Foreign Matters 0.2% Max
    Red & Red Streaked Kernels 0.5% Max
    Yellow Kernels 0.5% Max
    Damaged Kernels 0.5% Max
    Chalky Kernels 6.0% Max
    Paddy 10 grains/kg Max
    Milling Degrees Well Milled & Double Polished
    Average Length of Whole Grain 7.5 – 8.5 mm


    Competitive benefits

    ST24 rice is a daily product for everyone, but not every country has its own prosperous agriculture. Importing ST24 rice from Vietnam to sell in this place is always a great idea for B2B companies. Choosing Vietnam as the place to import ST24 rice, the price is cheaper and the quality is also higher due to farmers’ experience and our modern method.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice: ST24 vs ST25 – Which one to choose?

    Some traders may be confused to choose between Vietnamese ST24 rice and ST25 rice. These are some aspects you should consider before investing.


    Vietnamese ST24 rice and ST25 rice are both two varieties of ST24 rice line. Either of the two types are organically cultivated and contain a great source of nutrients. Because the ST rice plants are highly resistant to pests so there are no pesticides or toxic chemicals used in the production. Both of them are regarded as one of the most delicious rice in the world.


    Vietnamese ST24 rice and ST25 rice share the most features of each other. However, ST25 rice is believed to be chewier and more tender in comparison with the ST24 rice.

    Vietnamese ST24 rice: ST24 rice from K-Agriculture factory.

    K-Agriculture Factory offers a wide range of agricultural products of wholesale rice from fragrant rice to specialty rice at a reasonable price.


    Currently, K-agriculture factory offers 5% broken ST24 rice with high quality at the average price of $805. However, prices of ST24 rice often fluctuate according to market demand.


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